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Hearing Protection & Musicians' Ear Pieces

Westone TRU Ear Plugs

Westone TRU™ Universal Ear Plugs utilize advanced acoustic filter technology.

Westone Custom Fit Shooters Ear Plug

Custom earplugs designed for hunting and
other high-level impact noise by Westone

Hearing Protection

Protecting your hearing from harmful noise is important to preserving your hearing clarity. The majority of people who experience a loss in hearing clarity have that loss because they have not effectively protected their ears—this is called "Noise Induced Hearing Loss". Everyday noise that can harm your ears includes:

  • power tools, chainsaws, woodworking equipment
  • lawnmowers
  • construction or industrial equipment
  • firearms
  • recreational noise - motorcycles, speedboats

To protect your ears, wear ear plugs or earmuffs.

Universal & Custom Ear Plugs

Westone TRU™ Universal Ear Plugs utilize advanced acoustic filter technology, which is critically tuned to reduce volume yet maintain sound quality across the sound frequency spectrum. The result is a comfortable and transparent listening experience for professional musicians and recreational users. The filters are available in varying degrees of attenuation and can be interchanged based on your listening environment. These ear plugs offer excellent hearing protection and comfortable long-term wear or every day use where speech or music clarity is a must. Ideal for recreational use (concerts, movies, nightclubs, sporting events) and professional use (performing musicians, sound engineers, DJs, dental professionals, nightclub staff).

Westone TRU™ Ear Plugs are also available in a full custom version. Custom Ear Plugs are cast from molds made from your ear canals, offering extra comfort and protection. They can be customized to provide you with the right protection for specific noise environments. Hunters custom earplugs (shown above right) feature a valve that closes in the presence of impact noise. This allows shooters to hear clearly until the weapon is fired and still have some hearing protection from the gunfire. Other specialty custom ear plugs include those for pilots, motorcyclists, military personnel and more.

Custom Swim Molds

These custom molds help reduce the amount of water that enters into the outer ear canal. This type of mold may be recommended for patients with external or middle ear precautions or tubes in the ear drum. These molds are recommended for swimmers and surfers as well.

Dry & Store Global II

Custom Musician's Ear Monitors by Westone

Custom Earbuds, Earphones & Ear Monitors for Musicians and Music Enthusiasts

Custom Earbuds & Earphones

These provide a custom-fit, quality listening experience for both recreational and professional audio acoustic needs. They are designed specifically for high-quality sound, noise isolation, comfort and more depending upon the level of technology you select.

Musicians Ear Monitors

Designed for the professional musician or music enthusiast, in-ear monitors provide incredibly high sound quality, ambient noise reduction, and acoustically seal for incredible sound isolation. Depending on the technology you select, they accurately reproduce a musician’s live performance.

I have been seeing Dr. McCurley for many years. The other day I picked up Dr. McCurley's business card. It is very rare when you see business cards that live up to their promises. Dr. McCurley's business card simply says, 'I Listen. You hear.' So simple but so effective because that's who Dr. McCurley is: one amazing doctor and person who will not give up on anyone."

-Cathy G., Albuquerque, NM

Thanks to Dr. Dorothy McCurley, I can now join in the conversation at social gatherings and in noisy restaurants. She has given me back my ability to hear and understand speech."

—Rodger M., Albuquerque, NM

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